Sunday, March 31, 2013

337. Writing Exercise

The Elephant stood at attention, watching the parade pass by him from his position on the honorary platform. His chest swelled as the band reached the peak of God Save the Queen, causing his back to arch until his shoulder blades nearly touched. His gnarled hands lay one across the other on top of his cane, which had been a gift from a Maharaja in India. It was made from calamander and fitted with an ivory handle, which had been carved to resemble a small elephant from the tusk of one of the Maharaja’s own military stock, collected upon its passing at the glorious age of seventy-three. In a pinch, the handle could be twisted 45 degrees anticlockwise to unsheathe a slender sword from inside. The Elephant had made good use of this feature on several occasions, though none in recent years.
On this day, in the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, the Elephant would retire from his service to Her Majesty, the Queen. He closed his eyes and let his mind wander to the days ahead, when his time would be his, to do with as he pleased. He was sitting near the pond down the lane from his cottage, whiling away a summer afternoon. A fishing pole was propped securely against a rock, the line creating small ripples in the water. Sighing heavily, he leaned against a tree and began to doze off. Just then, the report of a cannon signaled the ceremony was to begin.  The Elephant glanced down as his hands, which had suddenly become clammy. Wiping them on the front of his trousers, he turned and stiffly strode toward the podium, the cane making a hollow tapping sound each time it struck the wooden floorboards.

Monday, March 4, 2013

336. Realization

Canned corn is better than frozen corn for one very important reason. Canned corn doesn't get freezer burn.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

335. Heyho

Hey blogosphere.
I wish I could spend more time with you. Lately all I do is homework, real work, and mix cds for people who I owe mailings to. If you haven't gotten a mix yet, you're probably due, and I'll be getting to you sooner or later. It might take six months, sorry.

Today looked sort of like this...

The second photo is my mid-term assignment for Figure Drawing. I'm further along than this, but I spent about 5 hours on it I think...could've been more. It's due Thursday.

This leads me to my fiction post for today; Leda & the Swan. I wrote my first short story ever, and for a grade. The inspiration was this painting by Peter Paul Reubens, only I didn't know the story behind it when I selected it. My figure professor asked us to reproduce a Renaissance masterpiece, and I fell for this one. The name and image were engaging, and I found myself basing my first fiction assignment on it. It was only later that I bothered to research what the painting was about.
Leda & the Swan is a Greek myth, in which Zeus takes the form of a swan, and either rapes or seduces Leda.

Correct... That woman is procreating with a swan.

I spent some time freaking out about this realization. Not because I dislike mythology or because I'm not ok with the's just that the myth isn't representative of my plot, and I had to consider altering the concept in light of this. The gist of it is that my story has an absent father-figure, and the swan is a catalyst that serves to bring the family together again in the father's absence. It's not the same, but I felt the two were inextricably linked somehow. Additionally, I became attached to the character of Leda, and I couldn't force her to be something she wasn't at that point, because my story would have imploded.

**Revision, 4/25/13** I've decided to remove the text of my story from the internet, because it is currently competing in a national competition, and whether it is any good or not, I want to protect my full works.