Wednesday, April 24, 2013

339. Burn-Out

Finish line is in sight, but I'm exhausted. I spent the last two days revising "Behind the Lines", which I intended to post for you, but then left it on my desktop at work. No rush, I suppose.
This morning I got up at 5:30 for my last Soliya session. I'm going to miss those kids, but I won't miss them too much when I'm getting an extra hour of sleep on Wednesdays. I managed to find most of them on Facebook, and a couple on Instagram, so at least we can keep in touch.
Last weekend I finished what I think is the hardest of the two drawings I had to do, because I was supposed to copy Da Vinci's style. I am no Renaissance master, and even though I understood the technique, the Wizard's portrait came out having its eyes too close together and vaguely resembling Harrison Ford. Not that it's ever a bad thing to resemble Harrison Ford.
The next one I'll be working on this weekend lets me draw in my own style, but asks that I incorporate some of that Da Vinci technique too. I don't dread it so much, which seems promising, but I also haven't decided what I want to do. Overall, I have begun to feel like the novelty of assigned drawings is wearing thin, but next semester I'll be moving onto Graphic Design, and this won't be an issue again for a while. 
In the next week or so I still have a lot of hands to draw, an essay to write, a Powerpoint presentation to put together, a chapter for Anthropology and the final exam for it too. So what did I do with my evening? Stuffed Chinese food in my face and practiced "Yesterday" on piano for about an hour and a half.
Thankfully, I have time to work on a lot of this while I'm at work, leaving me with a three day weekend free to work on the big drawing and relax a bit. The Wizard and I are planning to grill some tasty food and make margaritas for a couple of friends on Saturday, which might be the most mundanely charming afternoon I've been able to look forward to in some time.
On that note, I'll leave you with a little Cinematic Orchestra...

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