Wednesday, May 15, 2013

345. In Which the Sun Cooks Everything.

It was hot for like a day, and already the catnip and most of the fennel are dead. Still! I will not be discouraged. The tomato and eggplant actually seem to be enjoying themselves. The peas were moved back inside until I can transfer them to a permanent window box position, and everything else seems ok so far. Something has to come of my efforts eventually, right?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

344. Saturday, Sweetly Sweetly

It's gorgeous outside. After a perfect omeletty breakfast and coffee with the Wizard, I've spent the morning gardening on our balcony. Mostly repotting and making adjustments, but with a new addition as well. We now have fennel, a tomato plant, an eggplant, green onions, English peas, spinach, a blackberry bush (which currently resembles a stick with leaves), and some jalapenos. Most of these are still in the very early stages of growth and don't look like much yet, but I'm hopeful. The peas, tomato, and eggplant are the largest, but the mint is filling in quickly.

So now that the balcony is beautiful, I suppose I need to go buy some wine to drink on it. I'll leave you with my current soundtrack...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

343. It's Here!


Tonight was my Figure Drawing critique, and last class of the semester. I'm burnt out, and exhausted, and proud of myself, and so relieved it's over. There was never any question I took on too much at once, but I think I managed to get straight A's. I know for certain I have two out of three, and I'm feeling pretty confident about the third.

 Unfortunately, it looks like I have exactly a week and a half before my summer class starts. Sigh. On the brightside, it's entirely online, and there's only one of them. Also, we have travel plans for July. We had planned to go on a float trip with a little camping, and I still hope we can, but we kind of impulse bought tickets to Pitchfork last night. The lineup was too good to pass up, and I'd had just enough tequila to throw fiscal responsibility to the wind.

I'm not usually a festival person, but it's Bjork, MIA, BELLE & SEBASTIAN, The Breeders, Joanna Newsom, Yo La Tengo, Glass Candy...probably some others I'm missing. I would have done it for Belle & Sebastian alone, but Bjork is something I never thought would happen in a million years. This nearly makes up for the fact that I have not, and will probably never get the chance, to see Tom Waits. And it's my birthday weekend! In Chicago! [scream]

Sunday, May 5, 2013

342. Video Sunday

A few tracks that have been on obsessive rotation for the past several months...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

341. Thank Fuck.

Thus completes the last night of Figure Drawing I. I still have one large drawing and about 12 hands/feet to draw this weekend before my critique on Tuesday, and then that's it! We're done! Weee!!!

Fiction Writing is over. We have one last class to pick up our portfolios and chat, but no further assignments. I finished up my Anthropology Powerpoint Presentation today, which just leaves the final for Monday.

Major life decisions were made this week, and I feel that they deserve a post-mention. The Wizard and I have been stressing over money, deciding where to go to school, how to orchestrate move/jobs/residency to go with it, etc, etc, etc. It was eating at us, even though it's still more than a year away. I've been saving like crazy while paying off my credit card in order to get us the funds we needed, but it was making me really nervous, and I'm certain the Wizard was tired of thinking about it.

This all came to a head in the parking lot of Aldis this past Saturday. We had just pulled in after discussing what to do the entire way there, when we both sort of turned to one another and said, "Do you just wanna stay here?" And then we both saw the look on each other's face, and we both started grinning, and suddenly we were very relieved, and the world got really shiny and glowy.

We love our apartment, and our neighborhood, and I like being in a band, and things are going really well for us for once. Ever. We'd still like to move away someday, when it's time to really do something. I can't see myself having a career in this city, even if I do love a lot of things about it. But for now, while we're just college students, this feels comfortable and manageable. So we're staying for at least a few more years.

To reward ourselves for making such a grown-up decision, we decided to buy something we've wanted forever, but were hesitant to buy.
A set of new dining room chairs  to replace the set we got for free, and hate.
Not just any chairs, either! While these are not actually the Eames molded plastic side chair with Eiffel base, they're pretty incredibly close to identical, for about a quarter of the price.
They'll be here Tuesday! (Scream!)