Tuesday, May 7, 2013

343. It's Here!


Tonight was my Figure Drawing critique, and last class of the semester. I'm burnt out, and exhausted, and proud of myself, and so relieved it's over. There was never any question I took on too much at once, but I think I managed to get straight A's. I know for certain I have two out of three, and I'm feeling pretty confident about the third.

 Unfortunately, it looks like I have exactly a week and a half before my summer class starts. Sigh. On the brightside, it's entirely online, and there's only one of them. Also, we have travel plans for July. We had planned to go on a float trip with a little camping, and I still hope we can, but we kind of impulse bought tickets to Pitchfork last night. The lineup was too good to pass up, and I'd had just enough tequila to throw fiscal responsibility to the wind.

I'm not usually a festival person, but it's Bjork, MIA, BELLE & SEBASTIAN, The Breeders, Joanna Newsom, Yo La Tengo, Glass Candy...probably some others I'm missing. I would have done it for Belle & Sebastian alone, but Bjork is something I never thought would happen in a million years. This nearly makes up for the fact that I have not, and will probably never get the chance, to see Tom Waits. And it's my birthday weekend! In Chicago! [scream]

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