Tuesday, July 16, 2013

349. Let's Runaway to Chicago

Only 3 more days until Pitchfork!

Bjork is performing on my birthday. I have never seen Bjork live, which is silly because she is one of my longest lasting musical loves. That alone was reason to buy a ticket, but then Belle & Sebastian are playing on Saturday! Another of my longtime loves! Plus The Breeders, which is kind of neat in the sense that I got to see Frank Black play on my birthday two years ago. So I am slowly accumulating The Pixies piece by piece. Someday I hope to have a full set in the same room together, but that seems doubtful. Sunday will then close with a blast of M.I.A., who I have also held a torch for forever.

There are plenty of other great bands who will be playing that I haven't mentioned, but I'm probably just going to focus on these four. Though I hear that Savages put on an intense show, and Toro y Moi is sort of my headphone companion lately, I want this weekend to be fun and easy going. I have never done a three day festival, so I'm pretty happy that the most important points for me are all in the evening after the risk of too much sun exposure has passed. That also leaves the days open for other pursuits, like visiting the lake for a swim, and discovering new restaurants.

This is also the home stretch for my summer class, which was probably the easiest four credits I could have ever earned in a six week period. Only three classes remain until I have my Associate's. Seems that a trip out of town is certainly due. Some friends have invited us to stay at a cabin in Arkansas with them in August, and I'm really looking forward to it. The Wizard and I have been camping a total of once, ONCE, together, and that was at least two summers ago. While a cabin is by no means camping, it does mean an escape to the wilderness and unplugging from the modern world, at least a little bit.

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