Monday, January 20, 2014

353. Five Minutes Spent with Maria do Céu

Whisper all the things you meant
into the wind
let them wander 'round the block
before they make it back to me

I'm ok with waiting
but not for everything
this time I'll make an exception

do you think you're worth it?
would you know it if you were?
do you find me impatient?
would you say so if I were?

I'm ok with waiting
but not for everything
this time I'll make an exception

Talk talk all you like
I'm just listening to the wind
let your thoughts go walking
I'll be waiting here for them

Thursday, January 2, 2014

352. Hello, Two Thousand and Fourteen!

To briefly summarize the last year, things have been pretty freaking wonderful.
-I was in a garage rock band for about 6 months
-Took piano lessons
-Studied figure drawing and graphic design
-Won a national competition for short fiction
-Got engaged to the love of my life
-Bought a house
-Hosted Thanksgiving dinner for mine and my fiancee's families
-Got closer to friends old and new

Yep. That was a pretty amazing year. I don't think I had any resolutions, going in. I don't usually need any. But it's good to have goals, and I definitely have a few to jot down for 2014...

-More viola
-More music making in general
-More photography; macro, iPhone, film, dSLR, all of it
-More art of any kind
-More yoga
-More running
-More time outdoors
-More patience with myself and others
-More gardening
-More reading
-More ridiculous adventures

Just more.

Oh, and two major life events coming up this year; In May I graduate from community college, finally, with my Associate's degree. I've been accepted to UMSL and start there in the fall. And in October, I'm getting married! EEK! I have a ton of planning to do...hopefully we can get our save the dates out the door this month.