Thursday, January 2, 2014

352. Hello, Two Thousand and Fourteen!

To briefly summarize the last year, things have been pretty freaking wonderful.
-I was in a garage rock band for about 6 months
-Took piano lessons
-Studied figure drawing and graphic design
-Won a national competition for short fiction
-Got engaged to the love of my life
-Bought a house
-Hosted Thanksgiving dinner for mine and my fiancee's families
-Got closer to friends old and new

Yep. That was a pretty amazing year. I don't think I had any resolutions, going in. I don't usually need any. But it's good to have goals, and I definitely have a few to jot down for 2014...

-More viola
-More music making in general
-More photography; macro, iPhone, film, dSLR, all of it
-More art of any kind
-More yoga
-More running
-More time outdoors
-More patience with myself and others
-More gardening
-More reading
-More ridiculous adventures

Just more.

Oh, and two major life events coming up this year; In May I graduate from community college, finally, with my Associate's degree. I've been accepted to UMSL and start there in the fall. And in October, I'm getting married! EEK! I have a ton of planning to do...hopefully we can get our save the dates out the door this month. 

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